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Monster Hotel Series


I've never met him before... so why do I feel as if I've known him all my life?
Scoring a job at the exclusive and secretive Hotel Castle Verna is exactly what I need to pay off my debt and avoid a punishment I might not survive. The guests are a little eccentric, but they are great tippers. All I have to do is ignore the strange sights, smells, and sounds coming from the guest rooms, and I can remain gainfully employed. Simple, right?

Except there's one guest at the hotel who's always watching me with his mismatched black and white eyes. Half his face is covered with a black mask, and his stare sets my skin on fire. I don't know him... and yet I feel known with every stolen glance.

Strange happenings are going on at the hotel, and each day, I fall deeper into a world I never knew existed. And the guest who's watching me? He isn't who I thought he was... but then again, neither am I.
The Guest With Claws is a monster romance with an obsessed hero, heats, reincarnation, fated mates, and a very, very odd hotel. This is a standalone romance with an overarching plot across the series. Check in to this high heat series from USA Today Bestselling Author Ella Maven.

Content Warnings: Reference to a past death that could be suicide. Threat of SA. Anal sex. Mention of torture off-page. Violence against bad guys who deserve it. 

Each book in this series features a different couple and can be read as standalone. However, there is an overarching plot that weaves through all the books. As of now, I plan three books in this series.

More details to come soon!

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