Here is a collection of my newsletter exclusive bonus scenes. Enjoy!

Bonus Scene #1


Here was the thing about my newfound confidence: It didn’t last. Well, it was still there but it’d shriveled in the face of… well in the face of meeting my boyfriend’s family. Because that was basically what was happening in Earth terms. I was speeding on his motorcycle to a family reunion where they’d all judge me as either fit or unfit for their esteemed patriarch. Except we rode a hover bike, my boyfriend was a blue alien, and his family consisted of all male aliens who’d never seen a female before.


Cool, totally cool. This was going to be great.


I clung to Daz’s back because he was the one thing on this planet I was absolutely sure about. I could feel his love for me in his aura, glowing an intense, passionate red. It’d only been a few days since he’d been in my head, and I already couldn’t imagine him not being there.


He reached down and stroked my hand where I’d wrapped them around his stomach. He patted it before returning his grip to his handlebars. I was about to ask what the gesture was for when his bike, as well as those of his males around us, slowed down. I shared a glance with Miranda, who shot me a reassuring smile, even as I could see the nerves lurking in her eyes. Her arms could barely fit around Gar’s massive body, which I found amusing.


The terrain, which had somewhat flattened out as we rode, began to incline again, and that was when I spotted it—Daz’s home. It sat high on a cliff, and while I couldn’t see what was beyond the hill, I could smell moisture in the air. Maybe beyond the cliff was a lake? Or whatever they considered an ocean here?


We sped through two rows of trees down a dirt path, and the green dust swirled around us, announcing our arrival like an emerald cloud. Up ahead, two curved walls stretched from one end of the jutted cliff to the other, effectively blocking the entrance to the Night Kings compound except for a large opening between the two walls. A curved stone arch connected them at the top and in the center was a massive skull of some fanged animal. It was like a saber-tooth cat right out of the stone age. I shuddered just looking at it.

Two massive guards stood on either side of the entrance and as they saw us coming, they pierced the air with a few sharp whistles. Daz’s spine straightened as we approached, and with one hand still steering his bike, he brought his other first across his body in front of his neck. The guards responded by separating their feet shoulder-width apart and forming an X with their arms in front of their throats. When they bowed their heads, I assumed it was a sign of respect.


Daz and I flew past them first, and I spotted the one to our left with wide eyes, his mouth agape as he stared at me. We were going to have to get used to the stares. I held back a sigh. Justine was going to hate this place. I glanced at her, and while her body was tense, she seemed okay as she clung to Nero’s back. She was the most comfortable with him, and I understood that. Nero was the most laid-back of the Drixonians we had met so far, with a calm demeanor and easy smile.


Inside the walls was a bustling town. I didn’t know where to look first, and my head spun as I tried to take it all in. There were many free-standing buildings, like small huts, which seemed like newer construction while a damaged five-story building with a gaping top floor sat near the edge of the cliff. Drixonians poured out in dozens as our bikes roared to a stop in front of a large open-front structure near the front of the compound. Inside sat rows and rows of gleaming bikes and in garage-type bays, Drixonians with tools in their hands looked up from beside bikes in pieces.


Daz’s bike touched the ground, and the rest followed suit, until the only sound was the low murmuring of deep voices surrounding us. Justine’s nostrils flared as she took in the jostling crowd craning their necks to look at us. Nero turned his head and said a few soft words to her. She swallowed and nodded, her shoulders lowering as she lost some tension.


I trusted Daz. I trusted that he was a good leader, that what he said about the goodness of his clavas was true. But I was human. With instincts. And my instincts when surrounded by a group of males three times my size screamed at me to flee.

Daz swung his leg off his bike in one fluid motion, all grace and kingly poise. I stumbled from the bike, nearly falling to my knees if it wasn’t for Daz’s strong arm gripping my biceps and hauling me to my feet.


I never knew what to do with my hands, so as I stood in front of the crowd, I lifted my hand and waved awkwardly with a flutter of my fingers. “Uh, hello.”


Several gave each other questionable looks. One massive scarred guy in the front seemed to sniff the air in my direction. Oh yeah, they couldn’t understand me. I should have just stood there silently. My cheeks heated, and I hoped I hadn’t embarrassed Daz.

He had communicated with his clavas on a comm before we left our hideout that he was returning home without Sax. And with a load of cargo stolen Uldani cargo. He hadn’t told them the cargo was human. Or female.


We’d covered our loks on the ride here in case we came into contact with any other Drix clavas. Daz had said he wasn’t ready for others to know about us yet or about the existence of a Drixonian-human mating bond.


Now, he picked up my arms and tore off the leather straps hiding my loks. When he did the same to himself and held our arms up like we were a winners of a boxing match, murmurs rippled over the crowd. The murmurs grew, and grew, until shouts and whoops greeted us. Fists pumped the air. The energy was exuberant and electric. The vibrations of the shouts made my blood sing and my heart pound. I couldn’t stop the grin from stretching across my face. They were happy, thrilled, and Daz stood at my side, his chest puffed out, his hand clasped around the back of my neck in a sign of ownership I was not protesting.


He held up a hand to silence the crowd and his fingers flexed on my neck. When he spoke, his deep voice rang out loud and clear. “Human women were the Uldani cargo that we have confiscated, as we all know the Uldani would only do them harm.”


The males responded in anger, and though I couldn’t pick out individual words, I knew the anger was directed at the Uldani. Not us.


“Fatas has blessed us,” his voice soared. “Fra-kee is my cora-eternal. My mate. She is brave. She injured a Kulk with nothing but a sharpened stick, saving my life and hers.” My face heated, and I opened my mouth to interrupt, but he kept going. “She braved the Uldani fortress in our attempt to rescue my brother.” He thrust me in front of him, and his arm crossed over my chest so he could flatten his palm against my belly. “Best of all, she is pregnant with my child. The future is possible!”


The males—to put it in Earth terms—lost their shit. I’d never seen anything like it. They hugged. They cheered. One ran in literal circles like a sugar-high toddler. Hap joined the fray with a bunch of other younger looking Drixonians, leaping into their arms like he intended to crowd surf.


Naomi watched it all with wide innocent eyes, hiding mostly behind Gar’s girth. Justine stared unblinking like she’d stepped into a drug-fueled wonderland. Miranda seemed a bit proud if anything. She stood next to Gar with her arms crossed and her chin lifted like a queen who deserved to be worshipped. Tab wiggled her hips and did some little dance, kicking up the dirt beneath her boots while Xavy twirled her, laughing at her antics.


And then the massive scarred Drixonian in front crossed his arms over his chest in the Drixonian way and knelt with his head bowed. The crowd of males followed suit, until everyone knelt except Dax, me, and the rest of the women. While the males had fallen silent, the air still rang with the previous celebration.


Green dust settled over the men, tinting their scales and turning them into teal statues. Something inhuman pierced the air a caw somewhere in the distance. Then the words began. At first, the voices were so low, I couldn’t distinguish what they were saying, but then the volume grew and grew, until the chant of She Is All surrounded us, building and building until I felt the rumble of dozens of male voices rattle my bones. The girls instinctively crowded around me and we huddled together.


I gasped as Daz turned on his heel. Holding my gaze, he strode backward until he reached the front of the crowd. There, he crossed his forearms in front of his neck. And he knelt.


My breath stuttered in my throat, and my heart pulsed white-hot blood in my ears. I was about to shake my head because this was too much, way too much, and undeserved. I was just a human woman thrust into an impossible situation. I wasn’t anything special… But then Daz clenched his jaw, gave me a short shake of his head, and then smiled. His red aura blossomed, a rushing heat of warmth and love and respect. The feeling grew in me, weaving into my muscles and flooding my veins. I believed in what Daz saw in me, and I believed in myself.


So I wrapped my arms around my girls, I lifted my chin, and I gazed out over the Night Kings. This was my home now. I was their queen, and I’d birth them a princess.

Bonus Scene #2


I rolled my shoulders, easing the tension from them as I tried to push the conversation with Nero out of my mind. He was still working on recovering the information on the chip that Sax had recovered from the Uldani, but just the mere thought of what those bastards had on Fra-kee, Val, and Drixonian made me want to rage.


I strode through our camp, stopping along the way to talk to some of my males. The camp had been restless since the females arrived, and I’d had to discipline a few males for vying too hard for female attention. I wouldn’t let this place become a prison or uncomfortable place for the humans. They would be welcome here, and I wouldn’t let a few males with too-big balls think they could change that.


I drew closer to my hut, eager to get some rest. I glanced at Rokas’s hut to see the forms of him and Val inside. Val had already begun working with our healer to learn about our medis and other healing techniques. I liked her for Sax. She had an inner strength about her, and a calming demeanor that tempered my emotional and impulsive brother. Rokas had told me she was also very smart and had an innate caring ability that he thought would benefit the clavas as a whole. Sax couldn’t be prouder.


As for my little mate… I was a few paces from my front door when a crash sounded inside, followed by a feminine squeak of pain. I burst through the door, nearly taking it off the hinges. “Fra-kee!” I called out, my mind rolling with the myriad of things that could have happened to her.


I stopped abruptly inside, my panic taking a backseat as I glanced around at a hut that was… not mine. Well, the hut held my things, but they weren’t where I’d left them.


A head popped up from under my table as Fra-kee righted a chair, hopping on one foot. She pushed her mass of brown hair over her shoulder and grinned proudly. “Uh, hey there, Daz. Sweetie. Mate. Love of my life. Cora-eternal.” Her expression took on a grimace as she cast a glance around the hut. Then she plastered a smile on her face and spread her arms out. “I redecorated!”


I blinked around my space, which didn’t really feel like my space anymore. I didn’t speak because I wasn’t sure what to say. My bed, which had previously sat in the middle of the far wall, was now pushed back into the corner away from a window. A pile of furs sat in the opposite corner topped with some sort of assortment of plump looking squares made of different colored fabrics.


Fra-kee bounded over to it, hobbling slightly. “So this—”


“Are you injured?”


She waved a dismissive hand. “I just dropped your two-ton chair on my toe. That thing is like the Iron Thone. I’m fine. Anyway, this is my reading corner. Do you like it?”


“Reading corner?”


“Yeah! I mean, not that I have books, but Tabitha is writing a chapter a day of this super juicy romance serial for us. I wanted a cozy reading nook.”




“And this over here is clothes storage and hamper.” She pointed to another corner with a chest brimming full of clothes and a basin that held my soiled clothes from yesterday.




She skimmed right over my question and zipped toward the front door, where I found a small three-legged table that I didn’t even know existed.


“I got this from Hap.” She ran her hand reverently over the top. “I know he makes all your furniture but it’s all the same and boring! In his spare time, he makes pretty stuff like this, and he said I can have it.”


I made a note to ask about all Hap’s spare time, although I had to admit the table was unique and attractive. On top Fra-kee had placed a slender cup full of water with plucked flowers spilling over the top.


My large table used for quick meals now sat tucked under the back window with two chairs on either side. The setting sun streamed orange beams on it, highlighting another cup full of flowers in the middle. “So instead of piling your clothes and other odds and ends on your table, I thought we could eat here together sometime. The two of us. You know, like a romantic date or something.” She bit her lip, losing some of her steam, and that was probably because I hadn’t said anything. My throat was tight, and my skin felt tight and itchy.

She pointed toward the side of the bed, where I just now noticed a colorful square of fabric hanging from the wall, the surface a bit wet and glistening.


“I made some art,” Fra-kee said. “I’m no artist, but Miranda and I played around with some fabric dyes and I tried to draw how pretty Corin looks as the sun is setting.”


I sucked in a quiet breath. She’d captured it. She’d absolutely given me a piece of my home planet for me to see every night when I fell asleep and each morning when I woke up. I stepped closer and stretched my arm over the bed to touch it. My finger came away with a green bit of thick liquid on it.


“I painted. We made brushes out of some reeds.” Fra-kee’s voice was softer now. “Do you… do you like what I did? I tried to make it pretty.” She bit her lip as she eyed me. “I mean, this was a total bachelor pad, Daz. Which makes sense. Every hut here is a bachelor pad, except for Xavy’s. He’s got some actual decorating sense, and Nero is super neat.”


I didn’t say anything, still stuck on what my gorgeous, amazing female had done to my space.


“I’m sorry,” she shuffled her feet. “I shouldn’t have done anything. We can put it back. I don’t mind. I just thought this place was…”


“A place to sleep.” I found my voice, and when I spoke her head jerked up, her wet eyes reflecting the light.


I turned to her and gestured around us. “This was all it was. A place to sleep. To be by myself when the pressure of running the clavas got to me. That was it. This wasn’t a home like I’d had on Corin, where my mother picked flowers and filled our space with her touches.”


Fra-kee blinked at me and placed her hand over her heart. “Daz…”


“But you, cora-eternal, you made this a home. I can’t wait to see you tucked into the corner in your reading noop—”


“Uh, nook—”


“—with your legs tucked under you. I can’t wait to sit and enjoy a meal with you at our table, and most of all, I can’t wait to take you in this bed with the beauty of my home planet hanging over our heads.”


She swiped at her eyes. “Oh jeez, I didn’t expect to cry over this.”


I sat down on the edge of the bed and drew her between my legs. She placed her hands on my shoulders and smiled down at me. “Thank you for giving me this, cora-eternal. Life with you gets better every day.”


She laughed and sniffled as a few tears dripped from her eyes.


“There’s my mate’s happy tears again,” I said.


She smacked my arm. “I cry when I’m happy. I can’t help it!”


“Let me get clean, my mate. And then we’ll eat at our table, and then I’ll spend some time between your legs to show you how much this means to me.”


She squirmed, and a pretty flush rose up her neck to her cheeks. “Oh yeah? How much time?”


“Hmmmm,” I nipped at her ear and soothed the sting with my tongue. “For making me this happy? A long time, female. A very, very long time.”

Bonus Scene #3


There was nothing better than riding my bike with Val clinging to me. I could feel her soft breasts on my back and her hot breath on my neck. I didn’t have to look back to know she was smiling. She loved when I took her for a joyride, as she called it.


I had to show off. I always did. I weaved in and out among trees and went as high as the bike would allow, which wasn’t high enough for my liking. What I wouldn’t give to be able to fly a spacecraft like my ancestors… Ah, I wasn’t going to think about that now. I had Val, my brother, and my males and that was good enough for me. Oh, and my freedom. I had my freedom, and after so long in chains, I knew to appreciate the ability to come and go as I pleased.


Val’s thighs wrapped around mine, and I squeezed her knee as I came as I narrowly navigated the dense forestry.


“Sax!” She warned, and it made me grin.


“I have it under control,” I shouted over my shoulder.


She huffed into my shoulder.


When I’d had enough and my stomach started to grumble, I found a small clearing and touched down while Val’s golden hair swirled around us. She pushed it over her shoulders and I dismounted. “ You don’t have to show off, you know,” she rolled her eyes as she swung her legs off the bike.


“I think you like when I show off.” I puffed out my chest.


She laughed as she dug through the bags. After pulling out a pouch of antella jerky, she found a mossy spot and sat down to munch on her snack. I grabbed a jug of qua and joined her. After drinking some and handing the rest to her, I placed my hand on her belly. “And how is our chit?”


“Dizzy,” she murmured with a smirk.


“It’s good for her to get used to being on a bike.”




I nodded. “I feel it. Fatas has told me.”


She didn’t question me. She knew I was serious about my feelings. The reason we’d met was because I’d listened to what I felt like Fatas was telling me.


“A girl,” she placed her hand on her stomach and patted it. “I think you’re right, Saxus.”


“I think Daz is having a son. But us? A beautiful female. With my skin and your eyes.”


“As long as she’s healthy,” Val said.


“Healthy? She’ll come out swinging.”


Val laughed, but the sound was cut short as leaves rustled in a bush next to us. She whirled around to face the source. “What’s that?”

I immediately crouched on the balls of my feet, wishing I was close enough to my bike to reach for my solar gun. All I had was my machets. I unleashed them and waited, a snarl ready at my throat.


The leaves rustled again, and as soon as I caught sight of the familiar striped fur, I terror pierced my lungs, making it hard to breathe.


A female salibri peered at us, white fangs dripping with saliva, black eyes searing into my soul. Val didn’t move, didn’t speak, but I could feel her trembled at my side.


I stuffed down the fear for my mate’s and chit’s lives and focused. A salibri would only attack if threatened, and would only approach us if we stood in the way of what she wanted—her young.


I slowly swung my head to look to the other side of the clearing and spotted a familiar site—a salibri den. The hole near a fall tree trunk was unmistakable. How had I missed that?


The salibri wanted her young. She would tear us to pieces since we stood in her way. But what she didn’t know was that my young was threatened to, and I’d fight her to the death for their survival.


I readied myself to leap at the salibri when I heard Val’s soft voice. “What an absolutely beautiful animal,” she whispered, her voice barely audbile. “Like a gray saber-toothed tiger.”


“She are in her way, sweet Val. We are blocking her way to her young.”


“Then we move,” she said quietly.


I remembered now that I’d promised Val I’d never kill another salibri. They reminded me of her, my lioness. I looked into the salibri’s eyes and saw power. Dominance. Determination.


Neither of us had to die today. I wouldn’t slaughter this beautiful animal in front of Val. Keeping my gaze on the salibri, I plucked Val off the ground with an arm around her waist. She made a soft oomph sound as I took one step at a time, aching slow, out of the salibri’s path. Her lips curled as we moved and she took another step forward, but she didn’t pounce. Her eyes tracked us until we reached the side of the clearing, well away from her and her den.


“Go on,” Val said softly. “Go to your babies.”


The salibri remained alert as she cautiously padded across the clearing, her head swinging between us and her den. When she reached the hole, she took one last look at us, switched her tail, and disappeared inside.


I exhaled and nearly collapsed as I placed Val’s feet on the ground. She turned around immediately, eyes wet with the things she called tears. She gripped my face. “Thank you,” she murmured. “Thank you for not fighting.”


“I made a promise to you, my lioness,” I said. “And I understand and value life right now a little more because of you. You heal so much, I didn’t want to take an innocent life if I didn’t have to.”


“You’re a good warrior, Sax,” she pressed her lips to mine, and I swung her into my arms.


I pressed our foreheads together. “I’m only a good warrior with you at my side.”

Bonus Scene #4




I was eager to get back to my Merr-anda. My scouting rounds had taken longer than usual due to a pack of pivars who’d wanted to make me their next meal. The sun was setting, casting large swaths of orange, yellow, and magenta streaks across the sky. Beautiful, but not as beautiful as Merr-anda.


I strode through the gates, grunting a greeting at the warriors guarding our walls. I’d taken a dip in the spring after my run-in with the pivar pack, so I was clean. My hair, newly braided by Merr-anda, was dry at my back.


I didn’t bother to knock, so eager to see my mate that I burst through the door. Merr-anda, sitting on the bed, jolted with surprise and shoved a tablet under the covers, eyes wide, like Bazel when she got caught stealing one of the female’s “cakes.”


I narrowed my eyes. “What were you doing?”


She blinked at me, and then I could tell she forced herself to relax. But her shrug was stiff when she answered, “Nothing.”



It was her turn to get feisty with me. She glared. “Yes. Noth-ing.”


I used to be terrified when she got angry, worried she’d decide I wasn’t a worthy mate. Now, I was confident in our relationship, as she called it, and I knew arguing was sometimes a good thing, a way to work out a conflict. And resolution was often followed with us naked so I found I liked arguing. Just her glare made my cock hard.


I knew she wasn’t telling the truth, but it didn’t seem like it was anything important. Still, I planned to get to the bottom of it, because her cheeks were flushed, and even from the doorway I could tell her breathing was rapid.


What was on that tablet?


I closed the door behind me and took my time stripping myself out of my clothes. Merr-anda sucked in a breath as I tugged my pants down my thighs, revealing my hard cock and heavy balls. I’d been thinking about getting between her thighs all day.


“Jesus, Mary, and Joseph,” she whispered under her breath. I hid a smile.


Naked, I strode toward the furs. Without warning, I yanked them off her body, finding her wearing only what the females called underwear. Tabitha called them panties, but Merr-anda had told her she hated that word. Tab seemed to find extra times to say the word panties around Merr-anda after that.


My mate squeaked as I tore the fabric from her body and, wrapping my hands around her thighs, pulled until she lay flat on her back, staring up at me with parted lips. “Drak,” she murmured as I knelt between her legs.


I slid my hand from the top of her mound up her stomach to between her full breasts. “I spent all day distracted, thinking about getting a taste of you.”


She smiled then, her expression softening. “You got a taste this morning. A whole breakfast in fact.”


“I skipped lunch,” I growled as I lowered myself to my stomach with her legs over my shoulders. “Need a late dinner.”


“Oh,” she said softly. I stroked one finger over her clit and her body jumped. “Yeah… dinner.”


With her eyes half-closed, I took that opportunity to snatch the tablet where it rested on the furs and squinted at the screen.


“Hey!” she shouted, trying to sit up and grab it from me, but I held it out of reach.


I couldn’t read her language. The translator only worked for verbal sounds, but I could see a long wall of words. I placed the tablet in her hand. “Read it to me.”


She went still. “What?”


“Read it to me. I have heard rumors Tabitha writes stories. I like stories.”


Merr-anda blinked at me. “Wait, you guys know about Tabitha’s stories?”


I raised a nubbed brow as I petted her cunt with two fingers. She exhaled roughly and a flush rose up her chest. “We do.”


She tried to look mad, but couldn’t quite get there with my fingers rubbing her clit. “Of course you do,” she murmured. “Nosy bastards.”


“Read,” I said again as I lowered my head and licked one long stripe across her cunt. “While I have my dinner.”


“Look, I—”


I pulled my head back, keeping my tongue firmly in my mouth. “You want me to starve? Read or I don’t eat.”


She nearly snarled at me. “Fine! Ugh. Maybe I liked you better when you couldn’t talk.”


I stifled a laugh. My voice had improved dramatically with practice. She huffed, but swiped her fingers across the tablet, laying on her back with the instrument held over her face. She took a deep breath and began to read.


I kept eating.


“His tail wrapped around her throat, pressing on the delicate bones there. She knew he had the power to apply more pressure to restrict her breathing, but he didn’t use it. Knowing he could, but maintained control, only made her wetter.”


She gushed against my tongue, and I moaned.


“Oh fuck,” she groaned. “I don’t know… this is hard to concentrate.”


With gargantuan effort, I held my tongue still. Right over her clit.


“Argh!” she cried. “Okay, I’m reading. On all fours, she reared back, seeking the thick rod in his pants, wanting to be impaled by the girthy length. The smack came a second later, and while a heated pain bloomed on her ass, she also felt a swirl of arousal blossom in her core. ‘You’ll get my cock when I decide to give it to you,’ he growled from behind her. ‘Yes,’ she whispered. ‘Please.’ His big hand gripped her hair and tugged, forcing her back to arch further and then he ran his fingers down her spine, casually raking his claws on her skin.”

Tabitha had written this? My cock was like stiff pike, and I couldn’t resist thrusting against the furs, needing some sort of friction. My plan was backfiring. If Merr-anda kept reading this in her husky voice while her flavor burst on my tongue, I wasn’t going to last long enough to get inside of her.


I thumbed her clit and speared my tongue inside of her. She cried out and thrust against my face. A thump sounded from above me, followed by a less sexy cry, and I glanced up her body to see her fumbling with the tablet…that she’d dropped on her face.


With trembling hands, she held the tablet once more and kept reading. “His hand circled her back entrance and she mewed in protect as he chuckled darkly above her. ‘Another time, female,’ he growled. He pinched her clit and she screamed, pleasure zinging through her in small shocks just as he felt the thick tip of his cock at her entrance—”


I couldn’t take it anymore. “Stop reading.”


“What?” She blinked at me eyes glassy as I rose up the bed from between her thighs. I braced my hands on either side of her head as she wrapped her long legs around my hips.


“Stop reading,” I said. “Dinner’s over. It’s time for the real thing. Dessert.”


She tossed the tablet to the side and grinned at me as she threw her arms around my shoulders. “Mmmm my favorite.”


And I went about getting my cora-eternal her dessert. And mine.